The Euler Committee of the Swiss Academy of Sciences was founded in July 1907 with the task to publish all scientific books, papers and the correspondence of Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) in a scientific edition.

Euler's books and papers are edited in the Series I-III, the correspondence in the Series IVA. In the last 100 years 72 volumes of the Series I-III have been published. The last two volumes are in preparation and should appear in 2016/17. The Series IVA with Euler's scientific correspondence will contain 9 volumes. 5 volumes have been published and the final 4 volumes are in active preparation and should appear in 2016/17.

This huge endeavor can only succeed with the aid of internationally acclaimed scientists as coworkers and with the financial support of the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Swiss Academy of Sciences and many contributions of several private foundations.

Become a Sponsor!

In order to support the Euler Committee's large-scale edition project and participate in its achievement, individuals and companies may adhere to our sponsoring association, the recently founded Bernoulli-Euler-Gesellschaft (BEG) which unifies the Leonhard Euler Gesellschaft and the Bernoulli-Förderverein. More information and the membership application form can be found on the BEG-homepage of the society. One might also visit the homepage of the Bernoulli-Euler-Center (BEZ) at the University of Basel to find more information about ongoing and planned projects.


A comic book about Euler's life was authored, on occasion of the Tercentenary of his birth in 2007, by Alice and Andreas K. Heyne (text) and Elena Pini (illustrations). The production and distribution of this amusing biographical sketch was sponsored by the publishers, Birkhäuser (Basel); so its revenue helps to support the Euler Committee's projects. You can order the Euler comic in the original German version «Leonhard Euler – Ein Mann, mit dem man rechnen kann» and in the English translation «Leonhard Euler – A Man to be Reckoned With».