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 NEW  The SNF is supporting several projects: Briefwechsel Bernoulli-Varignon, Bernoulli-Euler-OnLine, Basler Edition der Bernoulli-Briefwechsel
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 NEW  The project "Nationale Infrastruktur für Editionen" unter the leading house FEE is supported by the SUK.
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Opera Omnia: The Correspondence of Euler with Goldbach has appeared.
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Annual Report of the Euler Committee
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 21 NOVEMBER 2016:  "Daniel Bernoulli und Leonhard Euler im Briefwechsel", Symposium and Vernissage
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The Bernoulli-Euler Center at the University of Basel

The Bernoulli-Euler Center (BEZ) is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental center for documentation and research. Its mission is to provide access to the extensive source material in the environment of mathematicians and physicists of the Bernoulli family and Leonhard Euler and to support the history of science. The BEZ was founded in 2010 by decision of the Rector of the University of Basel.

Objectives and structure of the BEZ are laid down in the Rules of Procedure. This includes in particular

  • the conservation and the developing of a valuable cultural heritage (documentation),
  • the conversion of the classic editorial activities into the digital age for the benefits of the research and the future generations (digitization),
  • to providing resources for the research about the life and work of the Basel scholars who are counted among the most important scientists of the 18th century (research infrastructure),
  • to support the interdisciplinary exchange between natural and social sciences and the public perception of its history (dialog with the society).

The BEZ is supported by the Bernoulli-Euler Society (BEG).